Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Anyone can be arrested regardless of their guilt or innocence. If you have been arrested you need an attorney who knows the law and how the criminal justice system works to protect your rights and freedom. No attorney can guarantee a favorable outcome of any case. Prosecutors who represent the state generally have the advantage in criminal trials as they have enormous resources at their disposal such as detectives, forensic labs, doctors and other expert witnesses. We have all seen cases in the news where individuals after serving a near lifetime in prison are later found to be not guilty and released. These are real stories that happen everyday to real people just like you. This should not happen to you, you need to protect yourself now by getting expert legal advice.

Having an experienced attorney working for you that can investigate your case, arrange credible expert testimony, identify and locate key witnesses that the state may be reluctant to call to testify, reduces the state’s advantage. By weakening the state’s case prior to trial we protect our clients from negotiating away their rights in substandard plea deals. In addition, should negotiations fail as it often does in serious cases, we ensure through our investigations, knowledge of police techniques and legal expertise that we posses, if present, credible evidence that contradicts the evidence the prosecutor presents to a jury.

A criminal conviction is a scar that is carried for life. A conviction may affect an individual’s ability to obtain employment, vote and many other benefits. If you are not a citizen and convicted of a crime a conviction can drastically affect you and your family’s ability to immigrate or stay in the United States. As such, we fight to enable you to have a future by seeking optimum pleas, dismissals and acquittals for our clients.


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