Family Law

Family Law

What is Family law?

Family law as the name implies is a body of law (statutes, Administration
rules and policy) that impact people related by blood, marriage, civil unions, domestic relations
or adoption. Some of the most common areas that encompass family law are:
1. Marriages, Divorce, civil unions, domestic partnerships.
2. Paternity, Child custody, child support.
3. Adoption.
4. Child neglect, guardianships.

Like most areas of law, Family law is not insulated from other areas of law and depending on the facts presented other areas of law such as probate, criminal, immigration, contract law, etc. may impact the outcome of a family law matter. For example, a person convicted of a violent crime may have  problems obtaining child custody or adopting a child.

The Law Firm of Kevin M. James legal practice specializes in divorce, child support and child custody matters. Clients with matters in these areas are given the full benefit of Mr. James experience in these areas of family law as well as his expertise in other areas of law that may affect the outcome of a family case or controversy.

Let us use or expertise to assist you in this most personal area of law that affect you and your love ones. And, although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, our clients are assured that we fight hard and smart to achieve their objectives.